Isnin, 25 Mei 2009

Saturday bersama-sama hubby

Hari ini sepatutnya 1st day of my class in this short semester, I will study 2 university subject which are Komunikasi Berkesan and Islam dan Isu2 bersemasa. The name of subject already show yang subjectnya agak boring, but that is my prediction OK~~~. Who knows it will me as interesting as Hubungan Etnik. Thanks to Prof Hussain to bring the subject alive.

Punyalah bersemangat aku ke kelas, siap jadi org 1st sampai but too bad after an hour waiting form 2pm - 3pm, the lecturer still haven't turn up. At last the class rep, Mr Zaaba called the lecturer courtesy of Mr Azlan telephone. (Saje nak interframe hubby lebih2) Guess what, this Komunikasi Berkesan lecturer cakap " Saya terlupa ada kelas hari nie" Sob Sob!!!! Sangat x berkesan komunikasinnya. Dengan kecewanya kami pon cabut la dari kelas itu but we don't have any idea to where. Ala2 Hanson punya album la pulak " Middle of no where" So our 1st destination is Queesnbay Mall. Hajat di hati nak survey sport shoe and my husband track suit. Pusing punya la pusing, En Botak dapat la apa yg dicarinya. Seluar track Reebok = RM25 @ Royal Sporting Hse but for me too bad nothing attract me. If ada pon, I don't have money for that. Thank god, I don't buy anything kalau tak melayang la duit aku RM300++.

Next we went out from QB mall, than i turn on my GPS try to find if there is any food stall that might caught my interest to try. I found 1 bubur kacang ..... ( i forgot the name). When we arrive the destination, sekali kedai itu=tutup. Then we stop at new world park which is just near by the bubur stall,

Next we are heading to Jemput3 located at Burmah Road to have our dinner. I order Temasik Rice and my hubby, black pepper steak and we have cheese cake for our dessert. Temasik Rice is my favourite meal at here. The lauk for this rice consist of fried chicken, daging rendang, sambat tumis ikan bilis, sambal tumis udang n telur rebus. Complete lauk.

Then after the meal we went to Gurney sampai la tutup mall. Tapi again tak jumpa pon barang yang dihajati.
Sekian sahaja xtvt seharian bersama hubby.

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