Ahad, 31 Mei 2009

Movie review: Terminatao Salvation

I watched this Terminator Salvation on Friday 9.30PM. From my personal opinion i don't really like this movie. The story line doesn't make sense at all, blame on my conservative thinking. In fact i think the director did duplicate the idea from End of Days Movie where there is a since that the robot caught all the people and place everyone in the robot stomach and from Transformers movie, which all the robot can be transform in various way such a motorcvcle. But again ,this is only my personal opinion.
I rate this movie 2 stars.

Farewell Wis and yatie at Johnny's restaurant

Wisatawati and Yatie gonna leave intel to pursue their own interest in her life. As for that we plan a mini farewell party as a token of appreciation for being a great friend. Mula-mula plan nak ke Seoul Garden at Gurney Plaza tapi at last disebabkan Issac busy dengan meeting penetuan cubicle till 12 and Yatie pulak nak fetch adiknye di airport, so finally we decide to do it in Johnny's at Queensbay Mall. Tak dapat Grill pon steamboat pon jadik la.
Rasa sedih pulak makin lama makin berkurang kawan-kawan kat Intel. Tapi apa-apa pun to both of you nanti calling2 la nk jemput makan nasik minyak.
Pasal gambar pulak, nape gambar yatie sorang2, heheehe. Actualy no special reason, Yatie kena balik awal so we don't have picture to show all 5 of us. So aku tempek je la picture yatie sorang then 4 of us.
Thanks to Issac, Affa, Yatie, Wis and adik Yatie for jayakan event ini.
Nanti farewell aku, korang sumua kena balik Penang balik utk farewell kan aku. :(
*More picture will be in my picasa.

Isnin, 25 Mei 2009

Issac House Warming Party: Mee Bandung

Issac had organised house warming party for her newly house. Although there are only 2 menu which is mee bandung muar (brought by Affarina) and choco donut but I'll appreciate as you done it by yourself. Too bad there is no pix snap during this time. Maybe you should organized 1 more pool party :)
We did compared BB cream from faceshop, BRTC (the most expensive), skinfood (free sample). And as a result I vote Skin Food BB Cream as the winner as i'm using this for now. Flawless~~~
Till here.
p/s I will give review on BB cream on another post if I have time.

Wish List: Nike Zoom Start+ 2009

From my previous post, I said I was looking forward to have new sport shoe. At last I manage to get the adorable shoe with affordable price at Perangin Mall Penang. I've done several survey on the same shoe at several shop but the price is all RM379. But guess what, at Perangin Mall I only paid for RM269 for this shoe. Menarik bukan? Walaupun RM269 consider out of my budget but all the price range for nike running shoe are over than RM300. I did survey Reebok, Adidas, and Puma. But the insole doesn't really fit my heel comfort. Maybe I had been used Nike sport shoe for past 3yrs.Also this shoe had the capability of ipod nano installation but too bad i don't have that device. Or maybe I shall put ipod as one of my wish list? :) Goodbye my old nike sport shoe.

Saturday bersama-sama hubby

Hari ini sepatutnya 1st day of my class in this short semester, I will study 2 university subject which are Komunikasi Berkesan and Islam dan Isu2 bersemasa. The name of subject already show yang subjectnya agak boring, but that is my prediction OK~~~. Who knows it will me as interesting as Hubungan Etnik. Thanks to Prof Hussain to bring the subject alive.

Punyalah bersemangat aku ke kelas, siap jadi org 1st sampai but too bad after an hour waiting form 2pm - 3pm, the lecturer still haven't turn up. At last the class rep, Mr Zaaba called the lecturer courtesy of Mr Azlan telephone. (Saje nak interframe hubby lebih2) Guess what, this Komunikasi Berkesan lecturer cakap " Saya terlupa ada kelas hari nie" Sob Sob!!!! Sangat x berkesan komunikasinnya. Dengan kecewanya kami pon cabut la dari kelas itu but we don't have any idea to where. Ala2 Hanson punya album la pulak " Middle of no where" So our 1st destination is Queesnbay Mall. Hajat di hati nak survey sport shoe and my husband track suit. Pusing punya la pusing, En Botak dapat la apa yg dicarinya. Seluar track Reebok = RM25 @ Royal Sporting Hse but for me too bad nothing attract me. If ada pon, I don't have money for that. Thank god, I don't buy anything kalau tak melayang la duit aku RM300++.

Next we went out from QB mall, than i turn on my GPS try to find if there is any food stall that might caught my interest to try. I found 1 bubur kacang ..... ( i forgot the name). When we arrive the destination, sekali kedai itu=tutup. Then we stop at new world park which is just near by the bubur stall,

Next we are heading to Jemput3 located at Burmah Road to have our dinner. I order Temasik Rice and my hubby, black pepper steak and we have cheese cake for our dessert. Temasik Rice is my favourite meal at here. The lauk for this rice consist of fried chicken, daging rendang, sambat tumis ikan bilis, sambal tumis udang n telur rebus. Complete lauk.

Then after the meal we went to Gurney sampai la tutup mall. Tapi again tak jumpa pon barang yang dihajati.
Sekian sahaja xtvt seharian bersama hubby.

Jumaat, 22 Mei 2009

Movie review: Night at the musuem II

Just came back from GSC for this. Over all the story quite fun. Luckily i had watch the part 1 earlier, as i get the picture of what is happening. The moral of this story i can summarize is " Apa-apa yang kita buat dalam hidup kita mestilah yang kita enjoy and have passion towards it"
Rating for this story: 3star.

Khamis, 21 Mei 2009

Movie review: Angels & Demons

At last i manage to watch this movie last night. This 2hours movie is almost the same with Da'Vinci Code story line. A story of conflict between Christianity and science. The science technology try to over rule the believe of Christianity religion. My advise to watch this movie need to fully concentrate from the beginning till the end as it used alot off our brain "consumption" . Overall rating of this story can be rated as 3 1/2 stars.

Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

Invitation Card for my Wedding Ceremony

To all my fellow friends,
Attach is my wedding ceremony invitation that will be held:
  • Date: 18 July 2009
  • Time: 8pm ~ 1030pm
  • Venue: Dewan Cempaka Sari, Silveritage Galeria, Medan Gopeng, Ipoh Perak

Distribution of the cards are still in progress. I wish to share this happy moments with all of you.

Selasa, 19 Mei 2009

Food Review : Menu sendiri

Today balik kerja je, tepat kol 530pm terus masuk dapur nk masak utk husband yg bakal pulang bekerja at 7pm. Menu hari ni adalah:
  1. Sambal tumis sotong
  2. Ikan bilis Goreng asam jawa
  3. Sayur toa meow goreng.

Walau pon nampak mcm sgt simple tp, for this 3 menu i need almost 2hrs to cook all this. Well mmg for this time beeing if i masak, i need at least 1 and half hours OK~~~ Phewww.... Itu la dulu suruh belajar masak, sangat malas dah kahwin nie baru la terhegeh-hegeh print recipe hari-hari.

The sad news is, my sambal tumis sotong tak jadi. I don't know whats wrong with that tp yang pastinya rasanya tak sedap. My hubby say sebab kuali yang x sesuai. Logikkah? :( So i malas nk snap any pix to share. Tapi nasib baik la 2 menu yang lain jadi dgn berjayanya. Syukur.

Ok lah guys chow, nak pergi makan bersama hubby yg tercinta~~~

Ahad, 17 Mei 2009

Food Review: Siam Express Lunch promotion

I was having my lunch at Siam Express, (SE) Gurney Plaza today. Mula-mula niat di hati nak makan at the food court but since i pass by the SE and ternampak pulak banner for lunch promotion, we've decided to give a try on this. One set of lunch consist of main meal and drinks (peach tea or ice lemon tea) only cost of RM8.90 which is 50% cheaper from usual. I'm not sure how long the validity will be but it will be held everyday form 3pm to 6pm. Kind of worth it but as usual cheap set doesn't have alot of variety to choose. Ada 4 menu shj yg boleh dipilih macam picture yg aku attach.. The taste of food can be label as "ok-ok" only. Overall from my personal opinion, the price is reasonable for the set they offered. But my advice please don't put a very high expactaion on the taste.

Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

Movie review: Push

Last night i went for watching movie. Looking forward to watch Angel & Demon but too bad almost all the good seat sold out. I've no mood to watch the movie but my hubby suggested Push as a replacement. Here is the synopsis (courtesy of http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0465580/)

A group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities are hiding from a clandestine U.S. government agency. They must utilize their different talents and band together for a final job enabling them to escape the agency forever

My personal comment:

  1. A low cost super hero movie.
  2. All the super hero capabilities is just normal human capability.No 'wow' factor was created. The most annoying part were the 2 brothers were able to scream till make other to suffer. This is just exactly the same as KungFu Hustle.
  3. To many superhero capability, almost 6 of it (watcher, pusher, sniffer, stitch, shadower) but all are only internal capability which cannot be shown dramatically to the audience. And as a result the storyline can be label as slow and boring.
  4. The only good thing about this story, the hero is quite nice looking. :)

The ticket price was only RM8 and the movie was just release not even a week. After watching the movie i realized why it is RM8 instead of RM10.

Berakhir sudah status sebagai single

On 28 March of 2009 , my status was oficially change from single to married. Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat seperti yang dirancang. Even though i'm facing alot of obstacle towards my marriage but dengan sekali nafas ijab dan kabul from my beloved husband Mr Norazlan bin Nordin. Thanks to all who giving me support either direct or indirect. Bergelar as wife nie banyak perubahan yag bakal berlaku dalam hidup. Sebagai contoh yang drastik, kene memasak untuk suami sebabnye suami dah cakap if asyik makan kat kedai je baik kahwin dengan anak tokei kedai tue. A picture paints a thousand word. Attach is some of the picture for my akad nikah. If you guys interested to view more, feel free to visit my picasa. http://picasaweb.google.com/thinkerbell.lady/AkadNikah

Hello world.

Kepada sesiapa yang pernah belajar programming C++, tajuk program yang 1st mesti hello world. Kiranya lebih kurang macam introduction. Sebenarnya ini bukannya 1st attempt aku menulis blog, at least more than 2 times but semuanya mesti half way. Setiap kali percubaan aku create blog baru mesti pada ketika itu aku tersangatlah bosan. Yes I am really bored for this moment. I realized i'm not born to be a writer but the intention to be a blogger was there everytime i read others blog. Aku terfikir la jugak macam mana semua bloggers boley maintain the blog everytime sampai ade certain blogger tu, ade 2-3 post per day. Memang aku sangat impress terhadap mereka ini. But the good thing about them every single thing they willing to share with public and i'm wondering is there any privacy for them?

To tell the truth memang tersangat banyak blog tapi aku cuma terattract to those entry yang selalunya ade picture. If the entry semuanya ala2 essay kat skul, saya mmg sangat malas nk membaca. Maybe because of that assumption aku selalu menulis blog half way, sebabnya aku bukannya rajin nak snap pix, usung camera ke hulu ke hilir. Tak cukup dengan itu siap kena upload ke computer lagi, then kene upload ke internet. Such along story. I wish i could have the netbook, yang membolehkan aku snap pix then terus create story about that. Tapi macam sangat mahal utk sebuah PC yang kerdil RM1000++.... It's OK if the PC have the capability to be a phone but for now I don't see any.
I think i better pen off fo now, banyak merepek dari input. Hopefully there will be 2nd post. Before that i did attach a netbook pix, tak dapat beli gambar pon jadi la.....