Selasa, 13 April 2010

Orange Vanila Shake

Semalam di kala kesakitan perempuan teringin pulak macam2 benda manisan. Lalu abang botak turun ke kedai mebeli barangan membuat shake. Baiknye suami.*Wink*Wink* Sebenarnye barangan die simple sesangat iaitu:
1. Ice Cream Vanila (tak kisah la brand apa2 pon)
2. Peel Fresh orange
3. Ice cube

Then blend je semua item sekali, Then hasilnya. Tadaaaa....

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Isnin, 12 April 2010

Menstrual Pain + Influnza H1N1

Those two topic were related to me. But don't get confuse errr. I was suffering from menstrual pain for the whole day. Feels like wanna go back home and take a rest but i took few day of leaves last week make me feel guilty concious.End up, I'm sitting in frnt of my lappy and do very minimal job while waiting the time flies.

I was suprised a group of people wearing a face mask in my lab. So i did IM one of them, and was shocked there is a positive influenza H1N1 suspect. But kind of wierd, no official communication mail was blast off. Might be force alarm. However its good if we can practice the precaution steps which always advertised in the media.

Notes: I was not in the high risk catogery as I'm not pregnant lady.

Ahad, 11 April 2010

Final Exam around the corner

Final Exam around the corner is happanening now. 1 more paper to go. It is a very tough time.
1st paper Database, not hoping to get A, a pass is just more then enough.
2nd paper Netorking, pray for A, at least A-.
3rd paper data Structure, im totally lost of this, no idea what's going happening till next 2 week.

Overall I still have 2 more semester to go. 1 short semester which will be only a university subject and 1 long semester, 3 papers including my Final Year Project. I'm really hoping if i can pass all those subject in order for me to graduate on October 2010.
Well life is just starting to begin after that. A lot of planning in my mind. And obviously ***** will be out from list. :)