Ahad, 11 April 2010

Final Exam around the corner

Final Exam around the corner is happanening now. 1 more paper to go. It is a very tough time.
1st paper Database, not hoping to get A, a pass is just more then enough.
2nd paper Netorking, pray for A, at least A-.
3rd paper data Structure, im totally lost of this, no idea what's going happening till next 2 week.

Overall I still have 2 more semester to go. 1 short semester which will be only a university subject and 1 long semester, 3 papers including my Final Year Project. I'm really hoping if i can pass all those subject in order for me to graduate on October 2010.
Well life is just starting to begin after that. A lot of planning in my mind. And obviously ***** will be out from list. :)
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