Isnin, 26 Oktober 2009

Turn encik suami pulak yang masak.

Hari nie balik kerja je boley rilek2 atas katil... Hihihihi
Ini adalah kerana turn encik suami yg masak.
Menu hari ini ialah:
  • Gulai lemak udang bersama belimbing
  • Sayur toa meow goreng oyster
  • Ikan masin tenggiri goreng
  • Air carrot susu.
  • Dan akhir sekali adalah nasi putih.

Tak sabar-sabar rasanya nak makan, terbau2 gulai lemak yg semacamnye sedap. Malangnya esok dah tuka syif memasak pulak. Maka balik kerja dah tak boleh tidur.

Ahad, 25 Oktober 2009

New browser: Lunascape 5

There are few Web Browser (WB) available for our own use. Here is few browser that i knew and comment on my own experience:
  • Internet Explorer - the coolest WB I've ever used. The only reason is, its build in in Microsoft Windows which naturally force me to absorb all the features.
  • FireFox Mozilla- I just dont like it, don't ask me why
  • Safari - Never used of this.
  • Google Chrome - Feel troublesome and quite heavy neither for my laptop nor desktop.
  • Opera - Don't really like it because of the GUI itself. Too advance for the user like me.
  • Netscape - I used this during my primary school. 1995-1196 time frame. Why? Because at that time I'm using Cyber Cafe PC and I don't know whats the reason why Netscape is the default browser for CC.
  • Lunascape - I'm really new into this, 1 week. But I highly recommended this Web Browser. They claim all the features in IE, Mozilla and Google Crome are in the Lunascape. But i just love to used it, probably bored with IE after 10yrs ++ being a loyal user to them.


It has been a while my blog being abandoned. Why?
A lot of of reasons cud be the possibility.
But the key point here is just because 4 alphabets.

Stay tune~~~