Ahad, 17 Mei 2009

Food Review: Siam Express Lunch promotion

I was having my lunch at Siam Express, (SE) Gurney Plaza today. Mula-mula niat di hati nak makan at the food court but since i pass by the SE and ternampak pulak banner for lunch promotion, we've decided to give a try on this. One set of lunch consist of main meal and drinks (peach tea or ice lemon tea) only cost of RM8.90 which is 50% cheaper from usual. I'm not sure how long the validity will be but it will be held everyday form 3pm to 6pm. Kind of worth it but as usual cheap set doesn't have alot of variety to choose. Ada 4 menu shj yg boleh dipilih macam picture yg aku attach.. The taste of food can be label as "ok-ok" only. Overall from my personal opinion, the price is reasonable for the set they offered. But my advice please don't put a very high expactaion on the taste.
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