Ahad, 28 Mac 2010

Lobster @ Victoria Station Penang

27 March 2010
Today is our 1st wedding classaniversary. The actual date in our marriage cert were 28th> March 2010 but my hubby decided to celebateit today since our solemnization ceromany fall in "Earth Hour Day". It was really surprised and unexpected, i got a bouquet of flower consist of chocolate, teddy bear , artificial flower and fresh flower. This is the first time i received after knowing him for 8 years. He's trying to be a romantic person indeed. No mater how you are I will still love you. I hope this wont be the last bouquet from you.

We have our dinner in Victoria Station in Bayan Baru. It was my first time eating lobster. The lobster were cut into half, 1/2-baked & 1/2-grill. The meal is also included a peace of steak. I can say baked lobster is better than grill lobster. And too bad mine was the grilled. It taste quite bitter. As usual the steak will be marvellous.

It was not plan to be a candle light dinner but we never know that Victoria Station did support the earth hour. Well it can be consider as a candle light dinner, right? Luckily they turn off the light when i was done eating the lobster. I don't expect to use the plier to crack the lobster in a candle light.

Thanks to my hubby for everything. I really appreciate this. I LOVE you.

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