Sabtu, 9 Januari 2010

Afif 1st day in MRSM Balik Pulau.

Monday, 4th January 2010 was the 1st day for all students to start their school after long term break ~almost 2 months. The only thing i miss my school day is the school holiday. Sometimes I've been thinking why firm/office/factory doesn't add this as 1 of the company benefit to their employee.

Before that Afif is my only little brother that i have. He had decided to pursue his study in MRSM Balik Pulau for this final year. If I'm in his situation i don't really do this, change school in the final year, lost seniority, lost friend, need to re-familiar with the environment and etc. Don't ask me why he made up this kind of decision.

So my mom, hubby and myself had accompany him to his new school.My 1st impression this school is totally old school - a 27 years old school. The hostel totally terrible as for me, even my hostel 10 yrs back does not look like this. Public washing machine- RM2 per wash:

1st day in school:
The hostel totally look like army dorm isn't it:

Hope that my lil bro can get used to this place and score the exam with flying colors. Good Luck babes.

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