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Teambuilding : Treasure Hunt & Charity work

Yeay teambuilding again :(
Yeay Treasure Hunt again :(
Yeay Charity Work Again :(
Yeay dinner again :)
We had teambuilding every quarter, We had treasure hunt once last year at gurney plaza, and we done our charity work at a primary school last 2 year. But year 2010 teambuliding we had charity + treasure hunt = dinner. This activity takes up one whole day from 8am - 9pm. Nonit to work.
The theme was "Hunt back to school" We did the treasure hunt from Seberang Perai till Jit Sin School in Bukit Mertajam. It was very tiring + exhausted day. But quite fun (I will tell you down why its fun)

Treasure Hunt
Started at 830 am after briefing by the organizer. and was suppose to ended on 1130am. A team of 4 person with 3 set of challenging question. Thanks to the driver,who was really expert. However we don't manage to answer all question but we did try our best and pass up the answer at 1145.
The picture was one of the clue.

Sangat tak sedap. Air sirap yang sangat manis dan nasi berlaukkan ayam yang kurang menyelerakan. tapi bedal je la sebab sangat lapar selepas berlari2 angkara Treasure Hunt.

Charity Work - Mud Ball
First let me explain what mud ball is.
"The mud balls are made up of a combination of earth, EM treated rice-rinsed water and Bokashi, a fermented organic matter made using sawdust and bran. The mixture is patted into balls for slow and even disbursement into the river. General Manager, Bruno Cristol stated that the mud ball is more like a magic ball which does wonders to the environment. The concoction is extremely effective in breaking down harmful bacteria and had been used successfully in cleaning up 150rivers in Japan."

Our task is not to throw the mud ball, but to shape the mud into the ball. The soil+chemical pour is very very smelly. I'm the only person use glove all the way, compare to my teammates. Afraid all the gems go underneath my nails. We were assign to join PBSM group to help them on this. We finish up at least 4-5 tray. This activity take up till 2 hours.
Below is a picture one of my teammate wuth all the mud balls.

Dinner @ Goldern Triangle at Queenbay Mall
At 6 we start our dinner. The food was just fine but better than the nasi ayam.
Price giving ceremony. We were at 5th place out of 31 group and receive a voucher of RM70.
Receive additional RM60, because we were few teams left for the charity work. This is the reason why i'm happy.
The event finish around 9pm.

I slept early
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