Khamis, 17 Jun 2010

17062010 : MBTI courses

A day full of meeting. Started the day with a 1 1/2 hrs meeting till 1030am. Duduk kejap, went for a team lunch at McDonalds tesco. Riding a new Toyota Camry belong to one of the manager. Hmm bestnye, bilalah nak dapat beli kereta besar camnie? Tapi sebenarnya camry takde pon dalam wishlist car yang aku minat. Sangat bulky. But I do like toyota wish. Harap2 dapat lah beli suatu hari nanti. Amin....
Have a training at 2pm, which i did the pre-course last night. Attended MBTI training. Just a short brief what MBTI is? It is an assessment design to measure physicological in how people preceive the world and make decisions. For futher information, silalah google "MBTI" The course was schedule from 2Pm-6PM. Phewwww 4 hours course after having Mcdonalds. But the trainer ended the course at 430pm. Yeay.
Briefly outcome from the training:
  • I was ISTJ type of people.
  • There are 16 type of people in world..

Details on ISTJ person which 80% had the similarity to me are:

  • Practical, Sensible and realistic
  • Systematic --- am i?
  • Logical and analytical
  • Detached and reasonable.

Other people may see me as a: (not sure how true it is)

  • calm, reserved and serious
  • Consistent and orderly
  • Valuing traditions.

However there are alot of bad thing about ISTJ which i choose not to let everyone know :)

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