Jumaat, 4 Oktober 2013

I'm a student and I'm a housewife

Its Friday evening.  Yeay or Nay !!!!

I use to enjoy the moment of Friday evening, where having tea-time with friends in cafe while waiting the clock moving to 5PM. Not to mention spending 2hrs++ during lunch at shopping Mall. Its really fun.

Now as a student i don't get chance to enjoy the moment
People tend to say, you will have plenty of free time when you're student. (Yes I do agree, its free time because no one pay me for that, in fact i was the one who pay to attend those lectures and assignment)

People (working ppl) tend to say housewife was always an easy job. Stay at home, watch TV, enjoying meal etc). In reality we don't get paid to be a housewife b doing all  the house chores, laundry-ing, cooking etc. Its very infinite. Its all about responsibility. Self awareness, self conscious towards the  family.
I even feel guilty to my 2yrs son if  idont cook for him. (even though i dont really cook everyday) I was once adoring my mother cooking 3 meals a day for the kids.

Its very culture shock to me, being a student and housewife at the same time. Now i'm at home while my kiddo is in baby sitter's house. But i need to sacrifise all the feelings towards achieving the ultimate goal.

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