Jumaat, 20 September 2013

New Goal with a New Mission -Insyallah

Assalamualaikum readers

I've officially changed status from an employee to a MNC company to a student life. ( There is a gap where i became housewife fro a week.)

Hows the feeling? Its very sad leaving a good company with a good bosses and friends in a good environment. I've put myself since 3rd Jan 2006 till 31st August 2013 to this company. There is so many life event changes happened during this time. From a single lady to a mummy and wife, from a diploma holder to a bachelor degree holder, from a free-hair (with so much color into it) to a hijab lady. And a lot.... Counting in percentage almost 30% of my life were here.

However life must go on. I have make a decision for career switching when my age entering 3 series for everyone goods. I have a lot of responsibilities to be carry with. As a mummy to my kid (s), as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister, as a citizen to serve the committee.

Student life? Is not as easy as my first thought. I barely adapting to the new culture. I need to adjust my time which enforce me to be more discipline to read, read and read for thesis preparation. I need to listen more to the lecturer, every single words is very priceless. Its a bit dramatic right? But yes that is so me in this 3 weeks.

Till here, i need to prepare for my 10 am class. 


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