Rabu, 10 Julai 2013

Persepsi Ramadhan dari non muslim: Salam ramadhan untuk semua umat islam di muka bumi

Assalamualaikum wrt semua Entree yang sangat mudah, Selamat menyambut Ramadhan kepada semua. Di bulan Ramadhan ini suka saya mengingatkan diri saya supaya menyucikan diri saya dari segala sikap-sikap negative dan taambahkan lagi dengan nilai-nilai positif. Insyallah kalau kita buat semua dengan ikhlas dan redha, pasti kita akan mendapat ganjaran darinya. Seperti yang sedia maklum buat masa ini saya berkerja di syarikat MNC kepunyaan Amerika Syarikat. Tak perlu untuk saya nyatakan nama syarikat. Siang tadi salah seorang GM dari US telah menghantar e-mail pada semua staff tidak kira agama tentang Ramadhan. Saya sedikit tersentuh dengan nukilan kata beliau sebagai serang yang non Muslim memberi kata-kata yang penuh semangat seperti mengalu-alukan kedatangan Ramadhan. Diharap kesemua kita dapat mengambil iktibar dari mesej ini. "Tomorrow (Wednesday) marks the beginning of Ramadhan, and I have been reflecting a bit on the meaning and practices that Ramadhan represents. The more I reflect, the more I admire and respect what Ramadan reflects. And I will say that I am no authority on religious practices. When I see my Muslim friends during Ramadhan, I always marvel at the devotion and self-discipline required to fast from sunrise to sunset. It is particularly difficult to do when others around are also not fasting themselves. But Ramadhan of course is about more than just fasting, it is a month of reflection and cleansing, sharing and togetherness. Fasting is probably the thing that non-Muslims know most about Ramadhan because it is the visible activity we see happening during the month. Just think about what happens to your body, and then your mind, at 2.30pm during Ramadhan when you haven’t had any food since 7am or so that morning. Out of respect for those of us that will practice this month I won’t describe the physical sensations – just close your eyes and imagine. Now imagine that you know that this feeling will last for around another 5 hours until sunset and you can fulfill the hunger pangs. Now consider that you are at work, and you just were called in to a dungeon or an emergency meeting to work the solution to a new sighting. And also consider that the importance of delivering to our product roadmap and winning in the market doesn’t take a break for Ramadhan. Maybe you have to travel for work during the fasting month and you end up in airports, or in taxi cabs, and when the break of fast every day occurs you are not near a place you can eat properly. Now also consider the pressures of maintaining a good balance between work and life, with kids in school doing homework, an extended family to attend to, chores and responsibilities that also don’t take a break for Ramadhan. Now reflect back to what Ramadhan is about one more time – a month of reflection, cleansing, self-discipline, self-control. I challenge that any non-Muslim would struggle, MIGHTILY, to fast for even a week of the full month of Ramadhan. I reflected on what it would take for me to practice both the physical and the mental discipline required for Ramadhan, and I was pretty sure that I would fail miserably – and that is why I so admire and respect our Muslim employees during this month. Let’s all together think what Ramadhan represents – I mean really think about it. When you see someone practicing the activities of Ramadhan this month, think on the long journey to Hari Raya a month from now. Think on whether you have the same devotion and discipline. And think on how you can support and respect the traditions of Ramadhan, even if you don’t practice or aren’t Muslim, in our multi-cultural society. To all our Muslim employees, I would like to wish each of you a very heartfelt Happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak! Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak!" Regards Fynadegreat
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